Crawdad Holiday roster of bands

More Ducks More Fun

Long-time collaborators Kevin Shintaku and Forest Beutel perform originals and covers from Janis Joplin to Doc Watson. Seamlessly switching between a multitude of instruments keeps their performances dynamic and fresh. 

Sweet Mother

This banjo/cello duo has been delighting listeners in and around Tacoma for the past 5+ years. These ladies combine expert musicianship with beautiful vocal harmonies crafting a sound that is medicine for your soul. 

Anderson Lake Swamp Thing

Emerging from blue-green algae blooms within the dense forests of the Olympic Peninsula, Anderson Lake Swamp Thing has been summoned by Tom Waits and the Mississippi Sheiks. Blending old time fiddle with hill-country blues guitar and bluegrass banjo, this band will get you singing-along and dancing on your feet. 

Old Clifton Road

 Old Clifton Road, from Bremerton WA, has released 2 full length albums. Check them out at the link to the MP3 page. 

The Libros

Bluegrass, folk, and hill-country blues band based in Seattle. Check out their rendition of Rollin in my Sweet Baby's Arms by clicking the "Video" button below.
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